Leap of Faith Damien Walter hollywood stunt man Death Stunt

The Leap of Faith :Damien Walter a hollywood stunt man, gymnast and a free runner performed his dream stunt i.e Amazing death stunt ,he stands in a formula1 track facing away from a  formula e car as it comes from behind and then performs a Blind back flip over the car in Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, mexico city .

Damien Walter: Stunt Man .
Alistair Whitton: Stunt Driver .
Bruno correia: Formula e :Driving Coach .

Bruno Correia the coach of Alistair whitton ( Stunt Driver) told  in the video that when damien told him about the stunt it just freaked  him out . Because the fact of the stunt that he is doing back flip without seeing the car approaching, he (Bruno correia)told that for him it is crazy. he also said that you need to be really crazy to do this stunt and this stunt is dangerous . he told that it is not a normal thing to jump over a car. He told that Alistair Whitton (Stunt driver) is driving the formula e car for the first time so he is little nervous, he told that but it is four wheeler he hope’s that it is easy to drive. The team has been rehearsling all the day ,he told that alistair will start at the beginning of the straight ,adjust  the speed more or less at 100 kilometres per hour ,then he will cross the lasers,then he will drive towards damien but he will be offset. he told that they go through all the day rehearsling once the team is happy with it ,and the timings everthing is perfect they go for real ,hopefully. He told that Damien should be really precise if he jumps to early he will hit the back of the car ,well if he forgets or he’s late on the jump ,well….. told by coach  Bruno correia

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