10 facts of harry potter you must know if you are a Die hard fan of Harry potter series


August 7, 2016


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1.Daniel Radcliffe reportedly broke 80 wands through out the series because he used them as drumsticks. 2.Daniel radcliffe is actually allergic to contact lenses,which made it hard to give him his mother’s eyes. 3.J.K Rowling’s original plan for the books was to kill off ron and have hermione marry fred. 4.In “harry potter and the […]

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How to remove virus and speed up your pc 10x faster ?

There are many ways to speed up your pc like deleting junk files,removing malware, unistalling unwanted softwares which make’s your pc to run 10x time faster than now. Now-a-days no one want’s to use a slow  pc because it sucks while using and we are human and we can’t wait for things it’s in human […]

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ADOBE PHOTOSHOP Cs6 New Extended Version

  Adobe photoshop cs6 is a popular image,video editing software.It is the world best imaging and designing software which is used around the  world and it is the most famous editing software ,You can create any thing what you imagine, it is a full extended version of photoshop. In these full extended Adobe photoshop you […]

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Adsense Give Away for new Bloggers/youtubers

  “Most of the new bloggers/youtubers are struggling to approve adsense account” because they don’t follow google adsense terms and conditions. Check out my previous post about how to approve adsense a/c . So i decided to giveaway 2 adsense accounts which i buyed from a guy who is selling  each account for  50$ but later […]

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how to approve adsense 2016 (Story) For Begineers

  What is google adsense ? Google adsense is a program that runs by google !   Which will allow publishers to add image’s,text,video’s advertisement’s on website that are targeted to audience’s & Site Content.This advertisement’s are maintained by Google. which will generate revenue based on per click or per impression basis .

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