10 facts of harry potter you must know if you are a Die hard fan of Harry potter series


August 7, 2016


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1.Daniel Radcliffe reportedly broke 80 wands through out the series because he used them as drumsticks.

2.Daniel radcliffe is actually allergic to contact lenses,which made it hard to give him his mother’s eyes.

3.J.K Rowling’s original plan for the books was to kill off ron and have hermione marry fred.

4.In “harry potter and the deathly halllows part one” Rupert grint (ron) had to be removed from the set after laughing during harry and hermione’s kissing scene.

5.Over 200,000 coins were made and were put in bellatrix lestrange’s gringotts vault during the filming of “harry potter and deathly hallow part two”

6.In harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone which show’s a person’s innermost desire is called the mirror is Erised.Erised is desire spelled backward.

7.J.K Rowling revealed that lily was pregnant with her second child when voldemort killed her.Even worse,she had finally talked james into making peace with snape,and wanted to make him the child’s godfather.

8.The first harry potter novel was published in 1998, the same year that the final battle of hogwarts take’s place “I open at the close”.

9.Dumbledore’s boggart is the corpse of his sister,Ariana.

10.Dementor’s were inspired from J.K Rowling’s Own Struggle aganist “Depression”.

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