The History Of Acne Removal

What is Acne ?

It is skin disease that occurs due to the dead skin cells combine with hair follicles and sometimes with oil from skin causes acne like black head,white head,pimples and greasy skin and sometimes the result may be scarring .

Due to this result some people may even think of suicide due to the appearance in extreme cases and the majority of girls is more compare to the boys because most of the boys doesn’t care about pimples .

Watch the below video so you can understand why girls are so posseive about their appearance

Isn’t it funny ? ahahahhah

In 80 % of cases genetics thought to be the main reason for Acne ..

It affects our skin with great number of oil glands which leads to acne on our skin like on the face, back and on the upper part of chest . and the other reason for acne is due to the increase in  androgens like testosterone enzyme ,due to the increase of this enyzme testosterone we will have many effects on our body like hair loss is the common effect of this enyzme .

now the point is how to remove acne from the skin so now i will go straight to the point okay….

How to remove acne from skin ?

To remove acne from skin we have to re wduce dead skin cells from our skin so we can easily remove acne from our skin and we have to maintain good hygiene.

To reduce dead skin cells from our skin we have to use neutral cleansers .Sometimes it’s not possible to remove acne with the good hygiene ,so there are many methods to remove acne like reducing our diet with less carbohydrates may help, there are any naturals methods top remove and i’m sharing a natural method with you all that it removes acne completely from your face with in one week, in olden days this is the most used treatment for acne.

How to remove acne Naturally ?

So get started  :

  • “You Need This Ingredients To Remove Pimples Naturally .



2:Turmeric Powder

3.Milk or Water.


  1. You Have To Take A Bowl And Add Some Amount Of Turmeric powder in it  (How much you want! How much amount you need to cover your face !)  I will recommend you to use milk for best results .
  2. Based On That You Have To Take  Some Water Or Milk In The Bowl .(Based On your amount of turmeric powder you have to add the milk or water. )
  3. For Example You Have Taken 100 Grams Of Turmeric Powder In The Bowl You Have To Add Minimum 50% Of Water (or) Milk Compare To Your Amount Of Powder .
  4. Now You Have To mix It For Some Time.

The History Of Acne Removal

  • That’s All Your Paste Is Ready To Apply.
  • You Can Apply This Paste Any Time You Want But You Can Apply These Paste At Night Before Going to sleep for Best Results


It will remove pimples and makes the skin soft and clean…!

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