The History Of Acne Removal

What is Acne ?

It is skin disease that occurs due to the dead skin cells combine with hair follicles and sometimes with oil from skin causes acne like black head,white head,pimples and greasy skin and sometimes the result may be scarring .

Due to this result some people may even think of suicide due to the appearance in extreme cases and the majority of girls is more compare to the boys because most of the boys doesn’t care about pimples .

Leap of Faith Damien Walter hollywood stunt man Death Stunt

Leap of Faith: Damien Walters Gymnast and hollywood stunt man Amazing Death Stunt Movement

The Leap of Faith :Damien Walter a hollywood stunt man, gymnast and a free runner performed his dream stunt i.e Amazing death stunt ,he stands in a formula1 track facing away from a  formula e car as it comes from behind and then performs a Blind back flip over the car in Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, mexico city .

Facebook Conversation hidden chess Game

Do you know Fb Conversation hidden chess Game ?

probably no because no one is interested in playing chess because every one want’s to play adventureou’s games no one has time to play chess because of smart phones and this game is made for them who want’s to play chess with their friends ,but they can’t because of not enough time so they can play with their friends while chatting so,this game is made for only chess lovers.It can be accessed During a conversation with your friends ,then type @fbchess play .

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