how to approve adsense 2016 (Story) For Begineers


What is google adsense ?

Google adsense is a program that runs by google !   Which will allow publishers to add image’s,text,video’s advertisement’s on website that are targeted to audience’s & Site Content.This advertisement’s are maintained by Google. which will generate revenue based on per click or per impression basis .

On which type of platform’s we can use adsense …?

we can use adsense in youtube,blogs,websites…Etc

we have to monitize our content by adding google adsense ad’s in our blog posts.

Does Adsense will really pay you..?

yes it is most popular content monetization which give’s full gurantee. It  will pay  you based on your web traffic of your website , it will pay you on every 15th  of the month, It will  pay you minimum 100$ based on your earning’s you will get paid.

Now the point is how to get approved it for the first time ….

Is it really easy to get adsense approve for the begineers? ,it’s sound’s good  but it is not easy  to approve adsense via your blog.There are some conditions that we have to follow before applying for google adsense

  1. Your site should not content any copyright content . (most of the begineers fails because they use copyright images in their blogs so we have to avoid copyright .)
  2. You should write the post of minimum 500 keywords so their are more chances of getting approval.
  3. Most of the blogger fail’s here they just don’t care about their website design ,is it responsive or not before applying for adsense.
  4. Your blog should contain minimum 50 posts Recommended (But do you know i got my adsense approved only in 2 posts because i follwed every terms & condition of google adsense ).
  5. And you should apply google adsense  with a top level domain .

below is the process to get adsense approve follow this i am sure that this will really help you

How to get approve for adsense  ?

There are two way’s to get approve adsense  through youtube  & blog’s or website’s .

 Adsense approval through youtube

Via Youtube

first of all sign up for  a google account

how to approve adsense 2016 (Story)

After signing up for google account go to youtube then go to my channel and create a new channel okay………

                                                                 sign up

how to approve adsense 2016 (Story)

After creating a channel go to channel setting and enable the monetization .

how to approve adsense 2016 (Story)sign up

Through youtube you can easily create a hosted adsense account which is only used on hosted sites only,if you want to show ads on your website you have to follow the below instructions.

How to get approve adsense through  blogger

If you want to get approve through blogger you will need this thing’s

Tip’s to get approve through blogger

  1. To approve adsense  through your blog you need to have a good content pn your blog or website minimum sufficient content minimum  20 post’s
  2. your website should be fully built & your website must have these section’s to approve faster privacy policies  ,about us ,contact us .
  3. your website must have a custom domain to get approve quickly .
  4. your blog or website must have a good design to get approve quickly There are many free responsive templates you can dowload & apply to your blogEg:Soratemplates,themeforest etc
  5. your blog must have  daily traffic of 50 visitor’s to get approve quickly

This tip’s will help you to get approve adsense quickly

If you have all this & a adsense account that is approved through adsense but it is not fully approved just you can monetize in only youtube if you want to get approve follow me

you must have a blog or website which have good content & some post’s

Go to your adsense account:

how to approve adsense 2016 (Story)

Then Go to setting’s

how to approve adsense 2016 (Story)

After that go to access & authorization and then Site management

then add your site their ! After adding it will show you a pop up  to create a ad & add that ad code in your website After sometime adsense will review your application if your website has good content your adsense account will be fully approved

if your adsense account you will get a message like this

how to approve adsense 2016 (Story)

 If your application is denied you will get a mail like below

how to approve adsense 2016 (Story)

 but don’t stop trying if your application is denied keep trying !

Are you tired of adsense disapproval ?

Do you need one Contact for help: [email protected]

 Thank you Guys for reading Hope this will help you.

 For any help & Suggestions you can comment below


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