How to remove virus and speed up your pc 10x faster ?

There are many ways to speed up your pc like deleting junk files,removing malware, unistalling unwanted softwares which make’s your pc to run 10x time faster than now.

Now-a-days no one want’s to use a slow  pc because it sucks while using and we are human and we can’t wait for things it’s in human nature but just forget about it

In this article I will help you to make your pc works 10x faster than before the first thing you have to do is to remove malware(virus) from your computer

so get started……

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1.How TO Remove Virus From a Computer ?

There are many tools,antiviruses that are used to remove virus from computer but does  they really work ..?

I have tried a lot to remove virus from my old pc which is too slow, effected with virus because I used my old pc without any antivirus and I browse internet daily when I was small so it’s too it’s take’s too much  time to open.

Then I decided to remove virus from my computer without formatting it because I have a lot of  data in it so I starting searching on the internet about  how to remove malware from computer atleast I have read 100 ‘s articles on this topic and I have tried many tricks to remove but many tricks works but they are not removing virus completely from my computer.

So I tried a lot of tools like junkware removal tools,Adw cleaner to remove ads and adware and other malware threats from my computer  but they doesn’t work for me to completely remove malware .

so I give another try for a tool   called zemana Malware and finally it worked for me and it’s free to use but for real time protection you have to buy premium version of zemana antivirus and

I think it’s the best tool to remove malware from any computer it give you two options for scanning your pc like deep scan,smart scan if you select deep scan it will completely  check your computer for any malwares and

it take’s about 30:00 minutes to scan all the computer, but in smart scan it will just scan your software’s files  for  virus or any malware so I recommended this software to use to remove malware  completely from your computer and for real-time you can buy premium

Zemana malware tool

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2.Disable Start up Applications That’s run

Now it’s time to speed up your speed after removing malware from your pc  and the second thing to do is to Disable  start up Applications that runs when you start the computer it’s just suck’s to exit all the application that runs after the computer starts so you have to disable startup applications to make your pc speed

To disable start up application

Click on start button

Then search for :”msconfig”

Then system configuration will open you have to click on start up and disable the application which you like to and

Then click on Apply.



3.And the next thing you have to do is to remove unwanted applications that you are not using for a while .

4. Clean your recycle bin .

5. Delete Recent places daily.

6.Delete “Temp”,”%temp%”  files daily .

7. Automate updates .


And after doing all these if your pc is still slow I recommend you to upgrade your pc like increasing your system ram and it is very cheap now 8gb ram costs only 50 $ .

If this article helped you to speed up your pc ,comment below I’m excited to hear from you and to help you so just drop a line  and share with your friends Have a Amazing Day

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