Adsense Give Away for new Bloggers/youtubers


“Most of the new bloggers/youtubers are struggling to approve adsense account” because they don’t follow google adsense terms and conditions.

Check out my previous post about how to approve adsense a/c .

So i decided to giveaway 2 adsense accounts which i buyed from a guy who is selling  each account for  50$ but later he told me that he will give me 2 accounts for free but you have to promote it on your blog  , so here is a good chance for new bloggers/youtubers to get a fully approved adsense account for free .Most of you think it’s a `fake competition but it is not i have decided to giveaway because to encourage new bloggers and to help them and the other reason is to promote my website so guys who are thinking that it is fake just give it a try hopefully if you are lucky you will definitely get one because i’m not providing only one account i’m giving out two adsense account so it’s  a really good chance for new blogger’s/youtubers to get free adsense account .

How to enter into the competition ?

1.You can  log into any of these accounts to enter into the competition   facebook,email,instagram,twitter &sound cloud  .

2.For subscribing to my new’s letter you will get 50 entries,and there are many more to get more entries The more you enter into the competition ,the more entries you have, so your probability of winning will be more because the winner’s are selected randomly .so there is a  daily entry too you can enter  into the competition daily so your chances of winning will be more  if you are entering daily .



Remember:  There is a daily entry too – so you can come back everyday and increase your chances of winning.

Note:  winners are selected randomly.

The competition ends on 06/06/2016 and the Winners will be announced on our website  as soon as the competition ends and we will  drop a mail to the winners to send their details so we can provide their account as soon as possible.

For more about competiton mail us [email protected]

Do you need a adsense account ?

It’s only for 50$ .

mail [email protected] to buy adsense

get 10% discount by attaching this coupon code  info10% in the mail.

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