Electric Bug Zapper in Slow Motion - 1600 FPS

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Giant Water Balloon in Extremely Slow Motion - 2500 FPS

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Rubber bands vs Water Melon - 1600 FPS

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Science is a wide topic and we will put our efforts to bring you some of the most breathtaking and awesome videos talking about Science. Our videos would range from the basics, experiments , crazy stuff, stupidity and more that can be combined with Science. This is going to be a great collection carefully picked and lined up here to give you the best experience. In case you find any of the videos that are not so welcoming, do let us know and we shall consider revising them. If you feel there are any videos that could be part of this series, feel free to drop in a line using our contact form and let us know about he video you would like to add in here. We will do our best to review and add that video in this list and let the world know about your contribution. 

Our editors will carefully watch and study some of the most happening and exciting videos and bring it in here to give you some nice time and have more more knowledge added to you bags of information. happy surfing, hope you enjoy your stay on our site.

Slow motion is a technique of showing things happening in a very slow or slow motion to get the details of what actually happened in a normal speed. At times we are unable to see what went or happened in a normal or fast moving videos, however the videos that are shot to deliver slow motion captures videos in a very high frame rates helping editors to slow down the rate of video play and give you enough detailing of what happened in the video leaving you with great detailed information about the video. You can see every pinch of information and corners in the video when played in the Slow motion. The videos that are played in slow motion are really great to watch and exciting as they add so much fun and life to the video that could not be possibly be seen in the normal video.

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